Saturday, 6 June 2009

I made this! - Pleated Bag

Started making this in my soft furnishings class during the week. Was supposed to be learning how to make a fabric box. Due to my dodgy measuring the box wasn't going to work so to save wasting this lovely fabric I had a spark of inspiration to add a few pleats and a handle and hey presto a new bag!!

Used this for the first time today - such a pleasure to make use of something you have made - can't wait for the day that someones says "Oh I like your bag . . . " and I can say "Why thank you, I made it myself!!" (proudly). I'll have to swing it around a bit to get it noticed!!

As you can see my cat Fizzy decided to use it as a cushion whilst she had a little nap - nice - a hairy handbag!!


  1. I, too, have had my share of boxes turning into bags ~ or bags turning into, well, pincushions! I think it's fantastic! I love the print. Great job!:)

  2. love.. what pretty fabric.. and a pretty kitty too!

  3. Thanks girls!! Definitely have the bug to make more bags - watch this space.