Monday, 5 October 2009

I made this! - Wooden Button Brooches

Now I know these are nothing new - but after making one of these for myself the other day I thought - hey, other people might like these too - could be a nice idea for my noths shop? I have a growing collection of gorgeous large Italian wooden buttons and already had the brooch backs (from making my corsage brooches) so with a little fiddling around and a little super glue - hey presto - button brooches!!

I couldn't just glue to buttons to the brooch back - that would be too easy!! I had to over complicate things (as usual). I cut out small circles of linen to glue over the brooch backs - so that you cannot see the silver through the button holes (which would look weird) and then I threaded and glued embroidery thread through the holes for the finishing touch!


  1. oh my goodness! i love all your stuff! you are so talented!! definitely bookmarked :)

    i especially love your corsage brooches ... there's this big corsage brooch trend going on right now here in new zealand ... is there any way to do them without sewing?? because i can't sew!! :D [i've already got a whole pack of brooch pins and materials]

  2. very cute, i always put extra effort into finishes too. i think that's what makes handmade so special! we never cut corners. great blog

  3. so nice style wool has made most beautiful buttons

    Vintage Brooches

  4. Hello,

    Are any of the button brooches for sale?

    Warm regards