Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I made this!! Christmas Stockings!!

So it's my first proper Christmas as a crafter - last year my craftiest effort was using brown paper and making my own button gift tags. Seemed like a good idea at the time but over a hundred presents later it became a little tedious!!

This year I will be buying my gift wrap but making a few presents and decorations instead!!

I've started off with the essential stocking - bought a couple metres of thick red felt (why is this so expensive!?) and a few machine blanket stitches and finishing touches later there are stockings!! The beauty of using felt is that you don't need to worry about linings or right and wrong sides or fraying!! Really like the naive look (I'm good at that!!)


  1. They are great! home made things are always nicer, well done!
    x Julie x

  2. those stocking are so cute. i love Christmas for its adorable things (:

    PS. Thanks for being my blog follower! (:


  3. Thanks girls!! Only wish I had more time and energy to make more!!