Saturday, 30 January 2010

My simple but complicated wedding!!

Last year my boyfriend of 9 years proposed to me - we have lived together for most of this time and to all intents and purposes were like a married couple anyway - but now we are both in our 30's we thought it was the right time to do it!

Now probably unlike most women I have never dreamt about the big white wedding, in fact the whole idea scares the life out of me - but I realised not so long ago that I could actually make this a day I would enjoy - it might not be everyone's idea of the perfect day, but for me it's just right!

So, the plan is to get married in our local registry office - which luckily for us is a beautiful old building by a river with a small park next to it. I am not religious so getting married in church wasn't the right thing for me. Of course I want to arrive at the registry office in a car - no Rolls Royce for me though, I'd much prefer a convertible Morris Minor!!

Oh I forgot - the dress. Well being on the plumper side of plump I really didn't relish the thought of finding a dress - and especially not one made from Duchess Satin, in fact I really don't want a wedding dress at all - but I realised that I do need to it some way look like I am the bride and not a guest so I have designed my version of a wedding dress - it will be a 1950's style tea dress, calf length, in white linen with a colourful patterned waistband/sash. Then to add a bit of drama - I want to have a pink tulle netting underskirt and possibly colourful flat shoes (cannot walk in heels!)

Luckily I know a lovely lady who will be able to make this for me - so I have avoided the horror of bridalware shops and the embarrassment of trying to find a dress I can squeeze into!! And although spending a lifetime trying to lose weight I am not crash dieting for my wedding day - if I lose weight that's good - if not,  well my OH still loves me!!

So over the next few months I will be blogging about my preparations and inspirations in the run up to the big day - which is on the 26th June this year. We haven't left ourselves much time to prepare, but I am really trying to keep things simple - 50 or so guests for the wedding and meal then 80 in total for the evening reception which we are holding in our small backgarden!!

I have put a few of the many, many images in the collage above - and if I achieve a fraction of this loveliness I will be happy - I have also put together galleries on flickr if anyone is interested - Wedding Galleries

Wish me Luck!!


  1. All the best with your Wedding plans. I was a florist for years and loved doing Weddings. Feel free to pick my brains should you need any free advice : )

  2. Can't wait to see the morris minor! x

  3. Blimey missus, I could have written this post myself!
    I'm also having thoughts of weddings (in quite a non traditional sense also) and have started a wedding blog to scrapbook/document my ideas. Maybe we can inspire each other - although I have a bit longer with the planning of mine!


  4. congratulations. the dress sounds gorgeous!

  5. Your plans sound just about perfect, and I am looking forward to seeing and reading both the preparations and the actual party here! All the best for this spring (it will be busy!) and many greetings from freezing Finland!

    Mia x 2

  6. I've just found your blog and love it already!!! Your wedding theme sounds absolutely wonderful (the sort of ideas I've had but really haven't know where or how to start). I'll be following your blog and Flickr with great interest :)
    Congratulations and happy planning!!