Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Craft and Cupcakes Day!!

My friends are very encouraging of my "sewing stuff" and I decided to call their bluff the other day and invite them round for a craft and cupcakes day. The house was filled with chatting, babies, buttons, fabric and high calorie treats and we all had a splendid time!!

It gave me the opportunity to make use of some of my new fabrics and my array of notions.

We started off with a tissue pom pom blitz, as these are so easy to make. Everyone chose their favourite colour, Jo of course had to have the pink which matched her nail polish! Baby Sam chose not to participate - but boys tend not to get overly excited by pom poms!!

It wasn't long before the cakes were out and we ever so daintily stuffed our faces! We then moved onto woolly pom poms courtesy of my new clover pom pom makers. The wool turned out to be highly unsuitable for pom poms, but the colours were nice anyway!

We finished up by making some fabric corsages. Must have been too tired to remember to take photos at this point, so the first one is a photo taken the next morning of my effort made from some lovely dupion silk. The second one is Jo's lovely corsage which works wonderfully on her denim jacket!

It is far too easy to get lost in your own world when you craft, and as wonderful as chatting online to fellow crafters is, nothing beats the hands on fun of a group of girls making lots of pink things!!


  1. Ohhh, I love the thing you made out of the silk. Is it a corsage, and how big is it? Kinda hard to tell by looking at the photo. Pretty colors.

  2. I had such a lovely afternoon and ate far too many cupcakes! but did come out with a lovely white tissue paper pom-pom, pink wool pom-pom and my very own corsage - so am a happy bunny - thanks Shells xxxx

  3. oooh, I wish I lived closer!! Looks like a fab day :o) xx

  4. looks like you had a fun time and do i spy a cake stand ??? lol
    Hope your well sweetie.
    Catherine x

  5. wowzers, looks like you had a fab day! I've awarded you a sunshine award, for making me smile!

  6. Looks so much fun! And of course nails and fabrics&threads MUST match ;) This post just made me so happy, thanks for sharing!


  7. Thanks you guys!! The silk flower is a corsage brooch approx 12cm diameter. Thinking about making a few to sell perhaps . .

    Thanks Zo - it is amazing what can be achieved whilst eating cakes and nattering!!

    It was a fab day, and has got me thinking about things . . hmmm . . might be something in this . . ?!

    Yes Catherine - well spotted - I sneakily borrowed two of your lovely stands from the wedding stockpile - well cupcakes just wouldn't taste as nice served on a plate would they?!

    Thanks for the sunshine award TopCat - that's very sweet of you! x

    Hey Mia - Now if only you lived a little closer you could show us all how to felt properly!!

    Thanks again everyone!!


  8. Well, I actually posted my comment to the wrong entry and meant to post to this one, but I'm sure you figured that out. I love your blog and your creations!