Sunday 22 March 2009

I made this! - Teacup Pincushion!

Came across a few people on flickr who had made similar teacup pincushions (Made by BeaG, Mel Garza and cupcakeDD) and felt inspired to try my own version.

Bought a cheap cup from TK Maxx and using offcuts of piping from my cushion projects I started by glueing the first section then once this was completely dry starter hand-sewing the rest on in a big swirl, stuffed very full with polyester filling before sewing closed and hey presto!!

More photos of this appear on my flickr page.

Update 11/4/09
I've been blogged!!

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  1. I need a new pincushion! fab idea :) and just up my street.

    I make teacup candles from time to time....get yourself some eco soya wax and cotton wicks and have a go. It's really easy, just melt the wax in a pan add your scent if you want (You can rinse the pan out with soapy water after you've finished) and pour into your chosen cup (secure the wick first of course) and let it cool.

    I love them! Really like your blog by the way :)

  2. Thanks Clara,

    Thanks for the tip - will have to try that as I love candles and teacups!!

    Still love your hats by the way!!


  3. So, cute! I love your take on the teacup pincushion!

    -Mel Garza