Saturday, 11 July 2009

I made this! - Lavender Birds!

Still love anything birdy - so was dying to make my own bird hangers. Thought they would be great for my very first craft fair - they went down a treat luckily - especially as they took much longer than expected to make!


  1. i adore your birds! and your other stuff is pretty grand too! ever consider selling on, then those of us across the pond could buy your beauties too!

  2. Thanks Heidi!!

    Did set up a shop on Etsy (and Folksy) a while back but nothing much happened so I took everything off.

    Have quite a lot of "stuff' i could sell now - so really should sort myself out!!


  3. Eek! I just posted a really long comment, broke off to become a follower, and lost all I'd written. Anyway, just found your blog after looking at your flickrmail. Love the mouse, reminds me of the clangers (you're probably too young to remember them). Love the pics of craft fairs - takes me back, very English! I miss them. Now that I'm making the sort of stuff that would do for craft fairs I don't really have access to them in this part of France. I make something very similar to your lovely doorstops, mine taper a bit more toward the top, but can't sell online filled and don't like selling unfilled so have just sold locally & to friends so far. I know what you mean about Etsy but, it's fun, and you never know! I remain ever hopeful! Off to add you as contact on flickr so I can keep an eye on the clanger mouse.

  4. Thanks Lynn - doorstops are tricky - they do usually look terrible when they are unfilled and I try to avoid sewing in zips where possible - people are prepared to pay for postage though - I charge £7 for mine which many people are willing to pay - saves the hassle of buying sand, rice etc to fill it also.

    I do remember the Clangers too! Other people have made the same comments also - must agree there is some truth in it now I think about it!! . . .