Saturday, 11 July 2009

Craft Fair! - Tunbridge Wells AEC

So I had my first craft fair - it was organised by Bev Russell from Tunbridge Wells Adult Education as a chance for students to learn how to sell and to promote the courses.

Was a bit daunting to start with as I didn't know anyone - was the only person from my Soft Furnishings course who exhibited.

Had few pieces pre-prepared, but when I realised just a few days beforehand that I had a whole table to fill on my own I panicked and spent every spare hour sewing - which was great fun - but slightly stressful.

Wasn't the busiest craft fair I have ever been to and halfway through after only selling three things I was feeling a little despondent but things did pick up towards the end.

The best part was meeting all the other sellers - such a lovely bunch of people.

Can't wait to do my next fair now!!


  1. How interesting Shelley that the Adult Education people arranged the market...great to show the students how to do these things. Over here they seem to cater to young designers....I would like to do one but would love to be taken through it like this.

    I love that you are doing home decor...I love sewing with upholstery fabric ...its my favouite thing to do!

  2. It really was a great introduction to craft fairs for me - am doing my first "proper" craft fair this Sunday so busy making more "bit and bobs".

    Have a lot to thank Adult Ed for - especially my Soft Furnishing Tutor Sass who has taught me so much. Don't know what I did with my spare time before I found sewing!! :0)

  3. I sold my bags at a "market" March 09 and I didn't know anyone either. It was stressful the first couple of hours when I sold nothing and other stalls were selling like hotcakes. I know exactly what you went thru'. Luckily things picked up! It's like a rite of passage! :D