Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Big Day - preparation . . .

Been busy lately - spent a lot of time online researching and sourcing things for the wedding - must be enjoying it based on the amount of time I have dedicated and the lack of sleep as a result!

Really trying hard not to become Bridezilla and have to remind myself from time to time that it is just one day - the most important part is making the commitment to my partner and our lives ahead - BUT - I still want it be an amazing day - I want it to be fun and relaxed and silly - no stuffiness and pomp allowed!!

The image above represents the last week or so of planning, photographing, making, buying, watching, emailing, freecycling . . .


  1. Totally love all the colours, so many beautiful ones to work with.
    Fab idea, i only have the colours and pictures of things for our wedding in my head at the moment lol
    I'll be following your blog now to see how it all goes.
    Lovely to find you too sweetie.
    Speak soon.
    We're really close I'm in Rochester but am a true Maidstone girl but ever so much a little posher LOL
    Nighty night x

  2. Love the montage...ofcourse you want an amazing day and im sure you will have one :) ill be following to see how everything turns out.
    just to let you know i have awarded you the sunshine blog award :)
    for more details see my blog