Saturday, 20 February 2010

Is there such a thing as too much research??!!

Since the 21st of January (the day we booked the date at the Registry Office) I have spent EVERY spare moment thinking, planning, researching and breathing the wedding. Is this normal? I have a tendency to over think things, and over plan. I can never go on a holiday without reading all of the tripadvisor reviews about the hotel, and seeing all of the guests photos, or checking which airplane we are booked onto and in which seats, checking traveller forums the best sights to see, restaurants to eat at, which rooms to ask for - yep basically I go over the top.

I'm sure that most women tend to go into this mode when planning a wedding - but I'm surprised that I have enjoyed it so much. Especially as the starting point for our plans was to have a simple, cheap, informal wedding. Would things be easier if we were spending 30k? Probably not.

I think I can be a resourceful person, and I know my way around the internet, which has been my lifeline in researching and planning. I have made the mistake previously of buying wedding magazines. These in fact scared and depressed me so much that I was dreading getting married!! How silly is that? I found their budget and time planners dangerously silly - especially as I came over in cold sweat when realising that I should have sent my invites out 4 months ago and my flowers should cost a 10% of my budget!! But then I came to my senses - but the magazines away (in the bin) and made my own plan!

So a month since setting the date and 126 days until the big event we have achieved a lot. For the moment I am feeling less panicked, and am reveling in ideas for things I can make or silly ideas I can work into the day. I have an album filled with pictures, a large notebook filled with lists, a computer filled with research images, emails and budget spreadsheets and a flickr gallery filled with more inspiration than I know what to do with! But my efforts are being focused as much as possible - I made myself concentrate initially on the big things - whilst the little voice inside me kept saying *look at shoes!!*, *fairy lights*, *envelopes* etc etc!!

Now most of the "big things" are sorted I can indulge myself in silliness and all the pretty little things that really excite me. My other half is maybe not so excited about all of this - in fact he has probably wisely decided to let me get on with it. Something I found hard to understand at first, but he knows me VERY well after all these years and will make himself useful when the time comes - or when I freak out at him!!

So here's a peek at some of the things I have been thinking about the past couple of days -
Doughnuts, invites (sneak preview of the design if you look closely!), my increasingly cluttered dining table and tissue pom pom tutorials!!


  1. Definitely not...spend hours on the www doing research...makes so many talented people and ideas easily accessible..SUCH A TALENTED WORLD WE LIVE IN
    Great Art and technology at your finger tips what could be better?
    Hugs Suz x

  2. I'm loving reading/seeing all your wedding ideas. You're not alone in your constant wedding thoights and ideas - I am the same. I haven't bought a single wedding magazine though, and I'm very happy about it :o)


  3. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  4. Well, I'm exhausted just reading this. Thank God I'm already married. Saw your Flickr photo of these tissue paper flowers - they are gorgeous. Does Martha Stewart share her instructions freely or are they in a book somewhere - just in case I find some spare time!

  5. Hi Suz, Monda and Lynn!!I do think that wedding preparation and research is a full time job - the trouble is I keep thinking about all the gaps in the market and how I could fill them!! Not the time to be starting up another business!!

    I have decided (controversially) that Wedding Magazines and Wedding Fairs even more so are a complete waste of time - there are so many more interesting and unique ideas on the internet - and if I see another pair of cream satin court shoes with a diamante flower on I will scream - give me a pair of polka dot flats any day!!

    Martha does indeed share her wisdom, check this out -

    Have fun!!