Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Pom poms continue! . . .

Still in the middle of my pom pom frenzy! Even made a group on flickr to indulge this obsession - For the Love of Pom Poms would love for you all to take look, join up and even add some of your own pom pom creations to the pool!

Have added some of my latest uses of poms poms - firstly as decorative gift wrapping using chiffon pom poms - these are so pretty and super quick to make! Then, wait for it - a HEART shaped pom pom!! These are a little trickier to make (I have used the clover heart pom pom maker), and the instructions will scare the life out of you but it is well worth the effort. Made several of these into a garland for my friend Jo's birthday.


  1. oh my goodness! i can't even imagine how that heart was made! I love the fabric poms. I've never tried them....but i think i'm going to :)

  2. The heart looks great, again would know where to start. Kxx

  3. The heart shaped one is fab!
    We were away up on the Isle of Skye last month and traveled to the north west of the Island to visit a Yarn shop and low and behold what do you think was sitting there for sale? A clutch of Clover Pop Pom makers! I knew what they were because I'd read about them on your blog : )

  4. I love the heart shaped pom pom, you´re so talented, Shelley! Those would make adorable wedding decorations too although I think you´ve already something else planned...Cannot wait!

    Have a wonderful weekend and many greetings from Finland again!


  5. They are pom pom tastic honey, my fav is the heart one the colour is fabulous.
    Thanks again for coming to my party and thank you for the lollipop. I will be nibbling it this week lol
    Speak soon hone will let you know you're pampered chef stuff has arrived.
    Lots of love,

    Catherine x

  6. Thanks Girls! I really must try to get some sponsorship from Clover for all the free promotion they are getting from me!!

    Already thinking about how I can make pom pom scarves and bags for my winter crafting preparations! Must get the wedding sorted out first though - at least I will squeeze a few pom poms in here and there still! xxx