Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Squeaky Bunting!

Now as soon as I sit down in my mini studio and even think about making something a small furry animal appears in front of me. Squeaky in particular is a big fan of interrupting my crafting and likes to make sure she is the centre of attention.

Here you can see Squeaky nestled down whilst I was marking out my triangles for my bunting! Unfortunately after she finally got the hint and moved on she left a lovely trail of fur all over my lovely Heather Bailey fabric. Hmm hairy bunting - nice!!

By the way I am making over 70 metres of bunting for the big day - mostly to decorate the back garden and the marquee. It's a big job, but will make up such a large part of the look it will be worth the while. You can see some of my triangles behind Squeaky in the second photo, and another sneaky peek on my flickr gallery. Fingers crossed I will get it all done in time - wish me luck!!


  1. Your assistant is so gorgeous! Who cares a little cat hair when all the little details have been that well inspected ;) Wonderful pictures! I wish you luck with your bunting, it will be fantastic when ready!

    Happy weekend from sunny (!!) Finland!


  2. Phew that's a lot of bunting, triangles and cutting. Good luck I'm sure it will be gorgeous.

    You can't blame your friend from wanting to sit on the fabric. Its beautiful.