Friday, 21 November 2008

Monsoon Kids Autum Winter 2008 colours

Saw this display in my local Monsoon kids. Loved the colour palette so much just had to take these photos.

Romo again . . .

More lovely Romo shots.

Hotel Chic Bedrooms and Boudoirs

Gathered these while researching my own bedroom design. Still working on the glamour look. Need more money!

Sleek Designs

Just beautiful looks. Very chic and elegant.

Romo always . . .

I love Romo fabrics - the colours, patterns and textures are just my taste - really versatile also. Best to visit the Chelsea Design Centre to have a browse through their books.

Fabric Hearts

Love these pretty fabric hearts. You can find similar from pins and ribbons

Jewellery Storage Ideas

Came across these pretty and quirky ideas for jewellery storage on the Martha Stewart website