Friday, 16 September 2011

I made this! - Butterfly brooch

I must apologise again for being such a bad blogger. My last post was in April - when for me, the world was a much happier place. In May we discovered that my wonderful Dad had advanced Pancreatic Cancer, and we lost him in June. It all happened so, so quickly. We were all in shock. It's been 15 weeks since he passed and each day seems to get harder. My first baby is due any day now, and knowing that Dad won't be here to see him breaks my heart.

It's hard to be positive at times like this, but with the new baby on the way he will bring much needed positivity and happiness at such difficult times. I must admit that I haven't been spending alot of time crafting of late, but have made some bits and bobs for the nursery -

I really wanted to avoid the typical nursery colour and pattern themes so decided to paint it an elephant grey. All the furniture is white so it doesn't make the room too dark - just nice and cosy. I really like scandinavian patterns and bright modern colours (no pastels please!) so have tried to use a mixture of different patterns and fabrics to add colour to the room.

I've been planning to add more designs to my range of brooches which I sell on my Not on the High Street Store so I felt inspired to make a butterfly due to its relevant symbolism to me at the moment. Finally today I have managed to list it online! Hopefully in time for the christmas rush!

Once I recover from Bumpy's arrival I will let you know how it all went and put some photos up too!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I made this! - New brooches

Sorry for the absence of posts this year - I have been busy honestly - but mostly busy making a baby! Yes the hubby and I will be expecting our first baby this October!! So expect lots of baby orientated projects over the next year or so as it becomes my only subject of discussion!!

But babies aside - I wanted to talk about my silver brooches - I have been selling the silver button brooch for a little while -

And the Hedgehog -

And now most recently a smaller owl - as my original owl would have worked out far too expensive to sell - so I have kept her for myself -

So now I need to decide what to make next . .

I've been considering maybe a mouse (of course) or a cat, maybe a fox to carry on the woodland theme - hmm . . if anyone has any suggestions please comment - I welcome the inspiration!! x

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Lisa Stickley

Still loving the adorable retro designs by Lisa Stickley I saw some of of her new lines at the recent Top Drawer exhibition at Earls Court and have promised myself a new handbag - at some point! My husband pointed out that my new blog background even looks like her website - didn't realise this at first, but he's right! Oops! :0)