Friday, 17 February 2012

I made these! Elephant and House Brooches

Just launched! My new Elephant and House brooches! I've always been a big fan of elephants so just had to create one in silver for my Not on the High Street Store.

I also love this little house. I cast the silver clay as a blank house and etch in the door and windows afterwards, so each one will be different. Want to make a batch of these so I can create a little street of silver cottages!

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  1. Somehow I stumbled across photos of your wedding... sooo beautiful... just a delightful mix of color and style and loveliness. I usually start yawning after the 2nd wedding photo but I looked at every one of yours. You should be very proud of the gorgeous day you and yours created! With admiration from (New) England, across the pond, on a blue sky spring day, Elizabeth